Bespoke jewellery refers to jewellery that is made especially for a client or customer. 

In other words, any jewellery you find lining the shelves of a retail store or on a big online marketplace is not considered as bespoke. Instead, if you’re coming to a fine jewellery studio in order to develop a unique engagement ring, a special necklace or a cute bracelet gift, these would all be examples of bespoke jewellery.

Another word people use to refer to bespoke jewellery is “custom.” Custom made pieces, custom jewellery, and bespoke pieces are all essentially the same thing: completely unique jewellery made that’s only created once for a special occasion or person.

Your custom piece is something no one else has owned or worn before. Even if it’s just a little different than a ring you’ve seen at the store, it still has your own unique input and creative thought put into it. 

Although not all bespoke jewellery is bridal jewellery, a large proportion of custom pieces made for clients are engagement rings and wedding bands. There’s just something extra special about creating a ring just for your fiancée, and many couples are choosing to go the custom route every year. 

Creating bespoke jewelry is a whole different experience that goes beyond just “jewellery shopping.” When you sit down to work with a jewellery designer, you have unlimited options to create your jewellery. 

It’s a very personal experience that involves your creativity and imagination to craft your dream piece.


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