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We are an online jewelry store in Pakistan that caters to the global demand for artisanal, everyday jewelry. Our website offers worldwide shipping to give you the Jewels by Bushra experience, at your doorstep, wherever you are. Our vision is to satisfy our customers with exquisite, designer jewelry for women and men in every part of the world. We understand how jewelry can help one feel fulfilled and we want to deliver that satisfaction with our products.


The Crystal-Clear Choice

We take pride in our craftsmanship and strive to create pieces that stand out from the crowd. Our collection is crafted with great care and attention to detail, making each piece truly unique and special. Our mission is to provide beautiful jewelry that reflects the wearer’s personality and style.


Craft Of Perfection

Our in-house design team creates the basis for each item in our collection. We are fascinated by your unique sense of taste as well as by sleek, contemporary sculptural designs and patterns, gemstones that pop, and stones that glitter subtly. Each design undergoes numerous iterations in collaboration with our master jewelers to fine-tune settings, lengths, chain links, clasps, ring comfort, and earring fit—no detail is overlooked or undiscussed—until the item is just right.


By simply adding the correct jewelry, every ensemble can be elevated to a new level. From feminine bracelets and earrings to adorable necklaces, we carry the newest trends in our boutique. Regardless of the outfit or the time of year, Jewels by Bushra has the jewelry to get you there.


Sterling silver jewelry is a lovely addition to any lady's jewelry collection since it has a shimmering shine that expresses elegance and refinement. We are confident that you will find just what you're looking for in this collection of women's silver jewelry at Jewel’s by Bushra, whether you're looking for sterling silver bracelets to treat a special someone or a ladies' silver ring to commemorate your love.


Enhance your jewelry collection right now by selecting from a large selection of incredibly exquisite designs, covering everything from classic and traditional silver jewelry to spectacular gemstones and contemporary styles.


We put our hearts and souls into creating jewelry that will resonate with your spirit.

Bushra is a qualified beautician & fashionista who started her career in 2004 in Toronto, Canada. She has an immense passion for fashion, whether it be vintage jewelry or trendy ones, and that reflects in her style. Bushra is the Founder & designer of a well-known luxury jewelry brand “JEWELS BY BUSHRA”. The brand JEWELS BY BUSHRA has stayed true to its name and continues to produce a fusion of designs to complement eastern and western styles. It is a bold and innovative form of design which represents and celebrates the beauty of people from all cultural backgrounds. We offer our “Signature Women’s Jewellery Collection”, which is premium quality jewelry crafted in 925 Sterling Silver with gold plating on selective designs. Our luxury statement jewelry is curated to perfection by our highly qualified in-house team of designers, with each piece being carefully and accurately handmade. JEWELS BY BUSHRA’s specialty is Bespoke Jewellery referring to jewelry that is made exclusively for a client or customer. We bring a very personal experience that involves creativity and imagination to craft a dream piece. Our entire jewelry collection is fully customizable to meet the needs of our customers. Our products are available under the umbrella of

  • Wearable Brilliance
  • Extreme Quality
  • Craft Of Perfection
  • Excellent style
  • Jewelry Spot

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