Mastering how to style rings may appear straightforward, but any fashion expert will tell you that there is an art to getting it properly. An outfit isn't complete unless it includes some eye-catching diamonds, and a set of well-placed rings can boost even the most basic of appearances. Rings can be worn in a variety of ways, whether you want to make a statement with a huge cocktail ring or keep it dainty with little bands. Rings can have a lot of meaning, from engagement to signet, therefore you want to flaunt them as much as possible. Combining metals, adding splashes of color, or easily harmonizing it with your fantastic top and best pants combo are many options.


Contrary to popular opinion, mixing metals is acceptable. In reality, mixing gold and silver is a highly elegant approach to wear your jewelry that is worth adopting. Mixing metals is more popular than ever, and it offers a more relaxed/effortless vibe to the way you style your jewelry.

Following are some of the ideas that how you can style your rings with different outfits.

  1. Select one assertion

One dazzling cocktail ring on your ring finger will suffice if you want to make a simple statement. Keep everything else basic and avoid any bracelets or other rings that may draw attention.

  1. Stack look

This is a simple approach to achieve a statement appearance, but it can be difficult to master. Look for stacking ring sets that complement each other and don't be scared to mix metals.

Simple band rings (those without a highlight stone setting, such as engagement rings) are excellent for stacking, so search for rings that will rest nicely alongside each other. If a ring has a detail on it (such as a star), it must be created in such a way that the star rests on top of the ring's band, allowing it to be worn next to another ring without the star getting in the way.

  1. Each on each finger

Wearing one ring on each finger is a truly eye-catching way to wear your rings. Make one of your fingers the focal point here—preferably one of the middle fingers—and stack a larger-sized cocktail ring on top of it. Keep things basic with the others and choose plain bands.

  1. Alternate your fingers.

Choose two basic rings on alternate fingers for a daintier yet still impactful aesthetic. The pinky finger may be the tiniest of the lot, but it will add a whimsical touch to your ring style. Look for delicate decorations like stars and little diamonds. All of your rings should complement each other or it will appear overly crowded.

Bottom line:

Regardless of your stylistic ideas, a maximum of two or three shared rings across your two hands is usually a safe bet. Unfortunately, going over that isn't a good look, and you risk coming off as a caricature.

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