Trust your instincts, wear what you like, and follow a few of our finest styling tips for a wedding day look you'll remember for years to come. Even if you don't wear a wedding gown every day, you're probably used to wearing jewelry. Begin with what suits you and gives you the most confidence as the foundation for your wedding style. If you've never worn statement earrings before, make your wedding day the occasion.

While you may not wear a wedding gown every day, you are probably more accustomed with jewelry. As a beginning point for your wedding style, use what works for you and makes you feel the most secure. If you've never worn statement earrings before, make your wedding day the occasion.

Because your wedding band and engagement ring will be worn on a daily basis throughout your marriage, they should already represent the distinct design you want to repeat throughout the remainder of your wedding jewelry.

  1. Tips for wearing necklace

If you intend to wear a necklace. As a general rule, choose one that matches the neckline of your gown.Pendants complement V-necks best, while chokers and bold necklaces complement bare and classic necklines. If one or two of your accessories stand out too much, consider leaving them out or switching them out for more subtle ones.

  1. Tips for wearing earrings

With up-dos, earrings can be worn in a variety of ways. Updos complement both giant statement earrings and more delicate earrings such as drop earrings or studs. Updos are also ideal for incorporating hair jewelry, which may lend glamour and romance to your bridal appearance. Think about how your hair jewelry will complement your earrings and necklace. If you go for a large hairpiece, keep your earrings and necklaces simple.

  1. Different metals

You may locate jewelry metals that match different clothing colors on the internet, such as platinum and silver for pure white, yellow gold for ivory and champagne, and rose gold for blush. Choosing bridal jewelry is an exciting aspect of the wedding preparations. You want to select jewelry that will complement rather than detract from your bridal outfit.


The jewelry worn during the ceremony does not have to match the jewelry worn at the wedding. If your stunning veil stops you from wearing statement earrings, sparkles will suffice for the reception. If you can't wear bracelets because of your long-sleeve bolero or gown topper, stack bangles on your arms when you take it off. Though you can construct a completely new second look dress for the reception, switching up your accessories is a less expensive choice that still gives the desired effect.




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