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by JEWELS BY BUSHRA 21 Jan 2023

Jewelry is a way to express oneself. When we wear the proper jewelry with our clothes, it improves how we look, and jewelry creation is an art. We all possess numerous beautiful and significant jewels, but should we treat them with the highest respect? Here are certain errors that can be avoided to ensure the longevity of our jewels.

Misconcious of how jewelry is made:

Always inquire about the materials used in the creation of the jewelry before making a purchase. Not all jewelry is manufactured from precious metals like gold, sterling silver, and platinum. Even though a piece of jewelry appears to be made of gold, it may only be inexpensive.

It cannot be gold, therefore. Non-precious metal jewelry has the potential to trigger allergic responses that over time turn the skin black or green. They might be made of plated metals, which is why. There are both natural and artificial gemstones on the market, as well as fake ones. As a result, one should exercise extreme caution while purchasing jewelry and be aware of its composition.

Wearing the same jewelry every day:

When jewelry is worn every day, it may start to lose its luster and get dirty. Additionally, we might miss it. Because of this, we need to remove the jewelry we wear every day and gently clean it with warm water and mild soap once every two to three weeks.

Additionally, you should occasionally review your jewelry collection and switch out the item of jewelry you wear every day.

Failure to use creativity when selecting jewelry:

To enhance our image, we occasionally need to employ our creative side when dressing up and selecting the appropriate jewelry. We can experiment with a variety of jewelry and attire pairings.

We can keep track of what functions well for us. While doing this, we can discover that we need to expand our sense of style by making fashion-forward purchases of jewelry or clothing.

Failing to consistently clean and maintain jewelry:

Jewelry can become dirty and grimy from frequent wear. Many individuals overlook this, and with time, the jewelry tarnishes. It's necessary to sometimes clean your jewelry, just like you would your clothes.

The cleaning of the jewelry might be set to occur twice a year or even weekly. Depending on the kind of jewelry being cleaned It can be cleaned with a mild soap that can get rid of tarnish. Silver dip and polishing cloth can also be used, but only after consulting with experts. You shouldn't wash it vigorously.

Wearing Jewelry while being in water:

It is generally advised to avoid wearing jewelry when we are in the water, whether we are swimming or taking a shower. This is due to the possibility of losing a little jewel fragment. There can be soap, body wash, shampoo, or conditioner remnants in the jewels that could eventually harm them.

When opals and pearls are exposed to chemicals and water, this can irreversibly harm priceless stones. Silver and diamonds may become stained by the chlorine in swimming pools. Gold degrades as well; some jewelry can become corroded by seawater.

Failure to Properly Store the Jewelry:

The gems can be severely harmed by some situations. Jewelry made of sterling silver and other precious metals can become tarnished by humidity. When kept outside, they are also susceptible to getting dusty.

Additionally, when being stored, sterling silver can tarnish. It's also very crucial to remember that they shouldn't rub against one another because doing so could damage the jewels and gemstones. It is always crucial to keep jewelry protected from free-flowing air and humidity in a padded jewelry box or jewelry roll.


Every woman wears jewelry, and it is critical to have the information necessary to preserve your jewelry set in a high-quality condition. You must maintain the jewelry sets in proper order, regardless of whether they are imitation jewelry, customized jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, or any other type of false jewelry.

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