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by JEWELS BY BUSHRA 10 Dec 2022

Sterling silver is a popular metal used in everyday jewelry, but do you know much about it? Because fine silver is too soft to be used in jewelry, sterling silver is alloyed with copper and other metals to harden the substance. There are numerous advantages to purchasing sterling silver that make it an excellent choice for those seeking the gleaming luster of silver that will not tarnish or fade. Silver offers numerous advantages, including its flexibility and low cost. Silver jewelry may be worn with almost any outfit and can be toned up or down to suit any occasion. Given this, it is the ideal material for incorporating into your regular wardrobe.

Sterling silver has a particular color and luster that complements everyone! But, with so many imposters, how can you know if your jewelry is of great quality? The silver percentage of high-quality sterling silver is 92.5%. The remaining 7.5% is alloyed with various metals, including nickel and copper. This sort of silver is long-lasting, beautiful, and will not tarnish, fade, or expire easily, so you may wear it and forget about it! Generally, your piece will have a "925" stamped somewhere on it to show that it is genuine 925 sterling silver. This mark is typically found on the back of pendants, the inside of rings, and the clasp of bracelets. Silver with less silver and more copper or nickel will cause problems with normal use. Copper oxidizes quickly, resulting in the green residue you may have noticed previously (quite irritating!). This is never a pleasant surprise, especially when you've been looking forward to wearing your new clothes.

While sterling silver jewelry will not tarnish with normal wear, there are certain tricks to keeping its color and luster over time. With frequent wear, there is a potential of discoloration and tarnishing, especially if your jewelry comes into touch with certain substances. Sterling silver can be in touch with ordinary water; however, some elements should be avoided, such as sunscreen, shampoo, cleaning agents, detergent, chlorine, bleach, and salt water. These goods' components will cause your silver to tarnish.

Genuine sterling silver is a fantastic metal to wear every day because it offers numerous advantages. Sterling silver is beautiful, adaptable, inexpensive, and incredibly durable. If you take care of your jewelry and avoid contact with specific substances, you can wear it all day, every day with no problems! Sterling silver jewelry can even be worn to bed. However, avoid getting your clasps or earrings trapped while sleeping, as this could cause damage to your prized possessions.

Silver is the principal metal of sterling silver. Pure silver, on the other hand, is too delicate to be used in jewelry; mixing it with copper stabilizes it. Sterling silver is therefore strong enough to be utilized in delicate pieces such as earrings and necklaces. Unfortunately, the additional copper rapidly reacts with the salt and sulphur in the air, tarnishing sterling silver. The tarnishing could also be caused by the metal reacting with the substances in your body. It isn't comfortable in either case. Fortunately, regular cleaning will assist in removing tarnish and keeping your sterling silver looking new.

Bottom line:

It is crucial to remember that sterling silver is not allergy-free and contains nickel, which some people are allergic to. To avoid irritation while wearing your sterling silver earrings, give them a short clean with a cleaning cloth every time you remove them.

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